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4993 views | updated 03/16/2009 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail Sheldon Fashion
Title: Say It With Black
Woman's Voices

Date: March 10

Time: 5:30

Location: Sheldon UNL
Department: Textiles Clothing and Design

Coordinator: Dr. Barbara Trout
Say It With Black


Power: Ashley Krakte
Tacia Booton
Danielle Smith

Rebellion: Kacey Stepanek
Erica White

Mourning: Abby Gross
Melissa Caldwell

Restriction: Cashmere Bohle
Jamie Damkroger

Isolation: Jandi Lewandowski
Nicole Pertee

Spring: Natalie Moravik
Summer: Chelsie Schmidt
Fall: Tiffany Hopkins
Winter: Lisa Kalt

Through message in black garments act to shield the body, reveal the body, define a space, mark a place in time or project the future. The event began with a twelve person installation where the models posed for seven minutes.


Designers: Katie Daiser, Katheryn Alms, Michelle Higgens, and Cassie Clayton, Tacia Booton, Madison Simmons, and Mary Pattavina

Student designers bring you this generations version of "Pretty and Pink". During tough economic times, saving money for college and a movement for sustainability, motivated designers to create these alternatives. None of these garments cost more than $20 and were built of recycled polyester and other materials that promote sustainability.

Womens Voices

Designers: Allison Goding, Melissa Caldwell, Lisa Kalt, Ashley Drakte, Cashmere Bohle, Erica White, Sandra Starkey, Nicole Perteet, Sam Lamprecht, and Abby Gross

The last grouping consists of garments with a point of view aimed at exploreing visually the concerns, aspirations, conflicts and challenges that face both past and present.
Sheldon Fashion
12 St & R St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
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Tim's Flickr Images of the Show
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corner corner corner corner BK
Nice collection Timbo. The models are beautiful, I'm diggin' the black.
by BK on March 17th, 2009 13:34:50
corner corner corner corner tsroundus
More Flickr Photos:
by tsroundus on March 16th, 2009 17:48:09
corner corner corner corner alexandra
nice capture Tim!
by alexandra on March 16th, 2009 17:32:06
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