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2804 views | updated 08/22/2008 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail McCoy's Public House | Westport
We are located at the corner of Westport Road and Pennsylvania Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri, in the heart of the Westport District. Westport was once the western-most settlement in the United States and part of the Santa Fe Trail. Civil War sites, which are well worth the tour, are dotted throughout the area. Today, Westport is the nightlife center of the city and features numerous bars, dance clubs and restaurants. It is also home to a thriving retail district. Visitors to Kansas City must experience the fun and friendly atmosphere of Westport.
McCoy's Public House | Westport
4057 Pennsylvania Ave.
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
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The wrap-around bar is so cool. Nice selection of brews!
by James L on October 15th, 2008 20:40:37
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