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2631 views | updated 01/23/2009 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail W > Lana Williams Gallery
Lana Williams Gallery has been a family run business in historic Old Town Spring for over 25 years, selling custom-made iron drapery treatments and decorative iron home furnishings. Our inventory include tapestries and our unique wrought iron hardware on which to hang them in your home. We also create an assortment of tealight candle holders for walls and table top decor, some of which are on our web site.

Our specialty throughout the years has been creating heavy gauge iron home decor that fits today's larger homes. By popular demand our customers have requested this web site for use in planning their own unique decor. Please feel free to call or email and ask questions as we are not able to put all of our ideas online. We will be happy to help.
W > Lana Williams Gallery
26407 Preston Ave
Spring, Texas 77373
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Williams Gallery Website
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