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9296 views | updated 01/13/2009 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail Heidi Bartlett | Artist
Panoramas 1-3 Heidi Bartlett's


A Dream:

A wedding. I didn't know the couple to be wed, but I did have an overwhelmingly anxious itch. I wanted to marry. My mom told me I should, "What a perfect occasion!" Who would I marry? My mother and father smiled and tied ribbons around my wrist as I slid the ring onto my finger.

I was encountered by this dream, which led me to an interest in potentiality. The challenge with my wedding, with my current situation lies in hubris. Finding a balance in haughtiness and humility. To create without boundaries and express the importance of individuals and of confidence.

Joseph Beuys stated,"
Social Sculpture - how we mold or shape the world in which we live: Sculpture
is an evolutionary process; everyone is an artist.

Interest in evolutionary processes that are stimulants for the transformation of ideas, are what drive my study and creation. My objects cannot materialize or mutate without struggling against resistance in the process.

looking for bunny,
but building a new one.
a child trapped.
sacred rites.
needy dependence.

Panoramas 4-7 Heidi Bartlett's
Wedding Flight:

Performer in tan: Heidi Bartlett: BFA: Studio Art
Performer in black: Nora Rolf, BFA: Studio Art

For the past year I've been interested in the dynamics of performance. The interactions between actor and object, actor and audience, and the importance of becoming a part of my own mythology have become obsessions.

This piece began after I painted images on the walls of a Critique Space. The queen bee, worker bees, and buck were static. I needed movement, so I began to play the piece's latent dichotomies.

Once a young queen bee leaves the hive to mate, the drones follow, fighting to be the first to fertilize their queen. Once a male penetrates her, he dies, leaving his genetic and genital material behind.

I wanted to play. I wanted to see if through performance I could more concisely find resolution. The actors experiment with the space and with the definitions of gender and communication. The two performers are androgynous. They are animals and humans. Both perform the ritual, never touching, but responding and completing the actions of the other.

Panorama 8 is Concordia Studio:

Heidi Bartlett: BFA: Studio Art
Nora Rolf, BFA: Studio Art
Heidi Bartlett | Artist
800 North Columbia Ave
Seward, Nebraska 68434
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corner corner corner corner BK
Nice work staging this first panorama. Heidi's installation work is hot. Can't wait to see more from the people and artists at Tugboat!

by BK on January 13th, 2009 14:57:47
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