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4400 views | updated 01/07/2009 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail The Eighth Street Taproom
Loose, and loosely based on haunts of the past, some gone, some long gone%u2026 a place where the light is so red, always red, often that a clear drink looks red, but it isn't, like magic! a magic place%u2026where a cocktail is just that, and a martini is also that, a cocktail, not a lifestyle, and never chocolate, ever. a place in which classic drinks flow so often and the 21year old patrons imbibe specialties that there great grand parents probably drank, which caused them too to dance so wildly. a place where a coldish or not yet warm beer can be enjoyed, and cozy environs can be claimed for the round. Where vinyl booths abound and vinyl grooves surround a jagged needle at nearly 33rpms. And then there is the basement, a true dive, with more red light and less headroom for its refraction, when the turntable spins this is where you find the action!
The Eighth Street Taproom
801 New Hampshire St
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
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Eighth Street Tap Room Website
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corner corner corner corner tsroundus
Jesse F. K. paid the Taproom a little visit! What a fun trip!
Go Lawrence Go!
by tsroundus on January 7th, 2009 20:39:55
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