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Pano Thumbnail Hungarian National Museum
The Hungarian National Museum is said to have been founded in 1802 when Count Ferenc Széchényi set up the National Széchényi Library. This would then be followed a year later by the donating of a mineral collection by Széchényi's wife. This led to the creation of the Hungarian National Museum as being a natural history museum, and not only a library. In 1807 the Hungarian National Parliament passed legislation on the new institution and asked the nation to help donate to the museum.

The building where the Hungarian National Museum is currently located was built from 1837-1847. The style of the main building was laid out in a neo-classical style and was added onto by other artists in the form of statues, paintings and other architecture.

The Hungarian National Museum has seven permanent displays:

History of Hungary from the foundation of the state to 1990 Middle Ages
Modern and Contemporary History
Scholar Hungarians who made the 20th century
On the East-West frontier: History of the people of the Hungarian lands from 400.000 BC to 804 AD
The coronation mantle
Medieval and Early Modern Lapidary
Roman Lapidary
Hungarian National Museum
1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14-16
Budapest, Hungary
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Tues-Sunday: 10a - 6p
The HNM's website
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