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5100 views | updated 08/14/2008 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail Buzzard Beach
When was the last time you were in a bar? I mean a real bar. We’re not talking about a dance club here or a bar and grill so if you started thinking about that trip to Big Bob’s Microbrew Home of the Mochachino-Raspberry Ale then you can stop right now. This is not the kind of place we’re going to tell you about. At the Buzzard Beach they strip away all the pretense and give you what a bar should be. It is a place to drink. It is a place to relax and listen to stories and tell a few of your own. The Buzzard Beach is that place that you walk past and wonder why you never go in. I mean you’re thinking this place is a dive! And the answer? Yes, yes it is...and with pride. As a matter of fact The Buzzard Beach is Kansas City’s only Five Star Dive. And you have to come experience the ambience. At least if you consider the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol ambience then you will definitely fit in.

Cool. Dark. Beer. You may not swim here...but your head might.
Buzzard Beach
4110 Pennsylvania St.
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
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Love this bar. Full of quality people. No frills, just brews and food. Like it should be...
by Evan Fitzgerald on October 15th, 2008 20:30:41
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