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5291 views | updated 09/04/2008 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail the minnow PROJECT
"We see parallels in the strategy and preparation of a client's advertising goals and the science and art it takes to select the perfect fishing lure." - Martin Hager, Chief Pond Officer

There's a calm in the early morning air and it's one of these days when, as a fisherman, you can tell that something big is in the offing.

The scent of wood smoke and bacon frying hang in the incandescent light as you pull on your lucky shirt, straighten your hat and step out for the first gulp of clean air in the great wide-open. The lake, where, this day, the quarry lies, shines like mirrored glass and shows you the opposite view of the light growing in the sky; you feel the anticipation of success. That's the way we feel virtually every day at the minnow PROJECT.

We know that success requires planning and devotion to a goal. What we do best, as a company, is acquire your goals and nurture them as we would our own.

We believe that, when planning to promote your company and its products, the juxtaposition of the lure of advertising, design and promotional strategies and that of catching your daily fishing limit, presents a savory metaphor.

The advice and planning assistance you'll receive at the minnow PROJECT comes from friendly people who guide you through the advertising world and help you select the best lure to hook your most sought after catch.

We utilize meta presentation methods as a fishing guide would employ he experience and knowledge of the art and science of angling. Our goal is to keep your strategy fluid and adaptable so that you reel in the object of your pursuit early and often.

In our view, presentation is essential in attracting new business to your organization. Our goal, as a service to you, is to help you plan and execute a thoughtful, detailed presentation of you company's products and services just as you would present a lure to a lunker fish.

This skillful method will help you set the hook and land your most sought after customer.
the minnow PROJECT
815 O St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
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What an amazing place!
Beautiful offices and floors. I'll challenge anyone to a pool match on that pool table!
by Ed on September 25th, 2008 12:10:27
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