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Pano Thumbnail Ivanna Cone
Ivanna Cone. We make ice cream. You eat ice cream. A perfect match, no? Ivanna Cone is a small, locally-owned ice cream parlor nestled in the warm, fuzzy neighborhood of the Haymarket.
We make our ice cream fresh every day, right here in the store. We use the old-fashioned, ice and salt method, and we use the best ingredients for all our ice cream.
In addition, we have homemade sodas(phosphates), cream sodas and ice cream sodas. We make shakes, malts and sundaes. We do mix-ins, and of course, you can sample our ice creams before making a decision. We wouldn't want anyone to leave unsatisfied!Ivanna Cone has been in business for approximately eight years. Before that time, the store was a Ted and Wally's, which some Omaha residents may be familiar with.Amy, the owner, has been in the ice cream business for longer than she'd care to remember. For several years, Amy was a manager for Ted and Wally's. In 1997, the owners decided they wanted to concentrate on their Omaha store and offered to sell the Lincoln store to Amy. Thus was born Ivanna.
We at Ivanna Cone are proud of our store. We're proud of being a small business in Lincoln. We're proud that our machines are older than most of our employees. We're proud that we make our own ice cream by hand. And we'd be proud to have you as a customer. If you've been here before, we're sure you'll be back. If you haven't, come on down. It can't hurt, and you can get a sample for free.
Ivanna Cone
701 P St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
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M-Sun: 11a-11p

Ivanna Cone's website
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corner corner corner corner AudreyCotton
by AudreyCotton on September 17th, 2014 09:04:58
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this place is the best. i mean, THEY MAKE ICE CREAM INHOUSE...
by Bethany Richard on September 30th, 2008 11:59:40
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