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Pano Thumbnail Lincoln East High School
Welcome to Lincoln East High School, in Lincoln Nebraska. Lincoln East is a 9-12 high school with approximately 1,700 students. We are located on a beautiful campus of 39 acres with athletic facilities and a city park. Our building was established in 1967 with several renovations and additions since that time. Our staff is comprised of 130 certified staff members and many support personnel, all of whom are student centered in their approach to education.
The students and staff at Lincoln East work to build upon the tradition of academic excellence that has always been a part of our school. East students do very well academically as well as excelling in activities, yet we are continually looking for ways to provide the opportunity for ALL students to experience success in a safe and supportive environment. Reading improvement will continue to be a school-improvement goal at East. We would like to increase the percentage of students who meet the district reading requirement. As a staff are also working to increase the involvement of students in multicultural education, school-to-career programs. Increasing the amount of inclusion of Special Education students in mainstream classes continues to be a focus. There are opportunities to get involved and experience success in many areas at Lincoln East High School. The staff at East is committed to doing its best to foster growth in all students. The student body at East is academically focused with approximately 75% earning college degrees upon graduation. In the 2001-02 school year our student teams won 4 state championships. We are fortunate to have an active parent community that is extremely supportive. We invite you to find out more about the wonderful learning environment at Lincoln East High School by paying us a visit.
Lincoln East High School
1000 S 70th St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510
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Lincoln East's website
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Flag shadow is sick.
by Yorelli S on October 16th, 2008 09:38:25
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