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3928 views | updated 08/28/2008 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail Raw Art Gallery | 4.12 - 4.17
17 first year UNL grad student's art show. Kayleigh Speck and a group of MFA art students wanted a unique way to showcase there work. But organizing an open house and calling it good wasn't enough.
No, Speck and her buddies wanted something bigger, better, hipper.
They found it downtown, in an old vacant building - there home for their art. It was old and rundown and came at a price, but it was worth it.
The artists renovated the interior and prepared to feature their crafts inside, but the show still needed a name, something enveloping all their different styles while still tying a loose theme around the event.
Hence the title "Raw" was created. With everything in place, Speck and her fellow students will be showcasing their work this Friday from 6-9 PM at 420 South 11ths St.
"We titled the show 'Raw' to interact with the space itself," Speck said. "We were kind of thinking about references to all of us being new in Lincoln and first-year grad students. I think all but one of us is from out-of-state."
-Jonathan C.
Raw Art Gallery | 4.12 - 4.17
420 11th St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
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It's too bad so many people were towed the night this show opened! Awesome show, nice panos!
by The Man on October 1st, 2008 12:43:00
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Totally cool art show. I got to go to that! More people should do renegade art shows like this. Fun fun fun!
And the art was totally great!

p.s. there's a surprise on the ceiling North East Mid Gallery. Haha
by Darren Marker on September 24th, 2008 18:56:15
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