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8687 views | updated 08/28/2008 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail Anti Oppression Art | Ben Jones
anti-oppression art (lincoln gallery is located on the 2nd floor 14th and o)
...........................the long term goal would be to start art studio/galleries in all the poorest places, so they can sell art via internet to not so poor people.
...................... ... we have live music performance art music lessons jam sessions socratic critical consciousness sessions artist sponsorships food/clothing drives possible music studio in the future new artist sponsorships ---check the calendar ---feel free to call about music lessons or jam sessions or to come hang and do art or with suggestions or with questions thanks for your continued support love, rage, hope, ben jones anti-oppression art 402-770-6197 : Renovation brings culture to downtown Lincoln.... http://www. newsnetnebraska. org/vnews/display. v/ART/2008/04/16/48065ff66af95
Who I'd like to meet:
the fear that makes the death penalty relevant is the same fear that makes the war on terror relevant. and its just an excuse but how else could the state sanction murder except to make you think that its you and not the state that wants it.
Anti Oppression Art | Ben Jones
14th St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68502
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First Fridays & Scheduled Events

Anti Oppression Art mySpace Page | Ben Jones
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This studio space is a bit smaller nowadays...
by BuzzKill5 on October 16th, 2008 11:18:10
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This is awesome. Seeing where the art is created in a sur-real life environment. This is amazing work by the RoundUS group. Thank you for sharing all these places in Lincoln with the public.
by myspace.com/timfrentz on July 16th, 2008 15:42:08
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