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2969 views | updated 08/28/2008 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail From Nebraska Gift Shop
We are the local showcase for the best products made in Nebraska, located in the middle of the heartland. We are proud of the wonderful products we carry that represent Nebraska's finest producers of food, wine and gifts. Nebraska's main industry is agriculture and we therefore carry a large variety of gourmet food products which we can customize for you in a variety of containers including Nebraska shaped baskets. They are great for holidays, birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, reunions, or any special occasion. Most of our food producers have gone through the University of Nebraska food processing laboratory, and are members of NFIA-Nebraska Food Industry Association and GROW Nebraska.
From Nebraska Gift Shop
803 Q St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
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M-Sat 10:00a-9p | Sun Noon-4p

From Nebraska's Website
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Their wine selection is awesome!
by Sandy on October 16th, 2008 09:57:46
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