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3139 views | updated 08/28/2008 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail Pfizer Saline Wetlands
Among Pfizer's most notable environmental achievements are restoring 25 acres of degraded saline wetland. This includes a pavilion and a 3/4-mile interpretive trail. The pavilion offers multiple views of this restoration including saline wetlands and prairie landscape and provides information regarding the natural history of the area and the types of vegetation you will encounter as you walk along the trails. The Pfizer Saline Wetland Pavilion has been designed and developed as part of a larger prairie landscape restoration project. The roof planes shift toward multiple views of the prairie and surrounding area. Signage is incorporated into the railing to orient the visitors to the many species of vegetation that can be seen along the newly developed trails. The floor plane hovers above the ground, resting on the tips of the tall grasses. Continuous lines and planes open to the expansive prairie scenery.
Pfizer Saline Wetlands
601 W Cornhusker Hwy
Lincoln, Nebraska 68521
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Lincoln Saline Wetland Areas
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Wow! What a gazebo!
by Barnaby on October 16th, 2008 09:29:27
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