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9601 views | updated 06/29/2010 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail (If Only He Had) The Power
The Power jump started in October of 2009.

The Power is Tamara (vxs), Tim (kys), Jesse (grs), Colby (bss), and Nate (drm).

The Power represents something you've all had inside from the time you said your first word. The things that truly make us excited about life are the things that come from within, in order to connect with the world around you. 'If Only He Had the Power' represents the motivation to flick on that light switch. Within the energy and collective unconscious in all of us lies the tools of engagement and truth that we all are secretly striving for ... the need to create, to breathe, to love, and to manifest your will on your own goals.

The Power doesn't believe in mantras or superstitions. The Power is you at your true core, making a conscious decision to take life by the lightning bolt ... and to throw it with all your might. The Power is not sitting around waiting for stuff to happen, but MAKING IT HAPPEN.

This metaphor pours over into The Power musically with driving riffs, spastic live shows, unique character and flavor, balls to the wall love for life and music. You need 'If Only He Had the Power' in your city as of yesterday. So ask yourself ... "Am I happy? Do I give back to a life that has given so many hard choices and even worse - easy answers to choose from?"

Take the high road. Don't be without your inner truth, confidence, and strength. Don't let others around you say, 'If Only He Had the Power' to do something great.

Nah man... f*ck that.
Put the Power in you!

Past/Current Bands:
Jesse Laney (Lady and the Tramp)
Colby Woodson (Totems, Lady and the Tramp, Lit Ziggurat, & Climates)
Nate Ludginbill (Fuschia Minutiae & More)
Timothy Scahill (Rent Money Big & Knots)
(If Only He Had) The Power
Lincoln, Nebraska 68504
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Clean up those beer cans Andy!
by Joe Younglove on August 25th, 2015 23:32:58
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Woah! That's my basement!
by Andy Pederson on July 9th, 2010 20:15:15
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