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2479 views | updated 03/12/2010 by zamaha
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Pano Thumbnail Dental Instruments
Dear Sirs,
manufacturer, Distributor of

Beauty care instruments & hair cutting scissors:
barber scissors, stylist barber scissors, stylist barber shears, stylist shears, barber shears, hair dressing scissors, hair scissors, hair cutting scissors, pet grooming shears, pet grooming scissors, razor edge, cuticle nipper, nail nipper, nail cutter, cuticle pusher, cuticle scissors, nose scissors, fishing pliers, fishing forceps, mitten clamps, tweezers

Dental instruments:
Scalers, filling instruments, curver, wax instruments, orthodontic pliers, scissors, needle holder, tooth forceps, impression trays, rubber dam clamp, forceps, auto crown remover, crown opener, caliper, elevator, dean scissors, crown scissors, bee bee scissors, iris scissors, tc scissors, goldman fox scissors, rubber dam instruments, rubber dam plier, rubber dam punch, rubber dam clamps, clamps, impression tray, crown remover etc.

see www.zamaha.com/new

mail : dental@zamaha.com

24 hours help : +92 333 8615589

For US Customer : Contact us, we have option of liaison office.
Dental Instruments
Lake texoma drive
Wylie, Texas 75098
Get Directions

888-984 4646
dental instruments and beauty care instruments distributor
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