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Pano Thumbnail Greensburg Greentown > City Hall
<a href="http://greensburg.buildinggreen.com/overview.cfm?projectid=1341">Greensburg GreenTown</a>

* Location: Greensburg, KS, United States
* Building type(s): Public order & safety
* New construction
* 4,700 ft2 (437 m2)
* Project scope: a single building
* Rural setting
* Completed October 2009

Greensburg City Hall, designed by Kansas City-based BNIM architects to be a LEED Platinum building, at Wisconsin Avenue and Main Street, was completed in October 2009.

It will be the first new construction LEED Platinum city hall building in America, and includes solar panels and geothermal technology. It has been built out of reclaimed brick from the Greensburg power plant (destroyed by the tornado), and recycled wood and materials. It will also have a green roof with vegetation growing on the east end of the roof.
Environmental Aspects

The new 4,700 SF Greensburg City Hall is the symbol of Greensburg's vitality and leadership in becoming a model sustainable community where social, environmental, and economic concerns are held in balance. It houses the City's administrative offices and council chambers, and serves as a gathering space for town meetings and muncipal court sessions. The building harnesses solar energy, collects and harvests rainwater for reuse on site, and maximizes interior daylighting. An appropriate, meaningful and durable palette of exterior and interior finishes is incorporated, including reclaimed brick cladding on floors and walls and reclaimed wood. This project is expected to achieve a LEED Platinum Certification.
Owner & Occupancy

* Owned and occupied by City of Greensburg, Local government
* Expected Building Service Life: 30 years
Greensburg Greentown > City Hall
239 South Main Street
Greensburg, Kansas 67054
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