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5288 views | updated 05/26/2009 by ROUNDUS
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Pano Thumbnail The Living Room :: Tugboat Performances
the living room - was created and is written by Lincoln-based playwright robert stewart- the project is a collaboration between all the artists involved and was made possible through the contributions of many friends, fellow artists and musicians from the area. Every month- a new episode is written and rehearsed while props are built and the show is otherwise prepared.

'the living room' is inhabited by the Templeton family. The father (Brawn- played by robert stewart) has moved the family into the living room and sealed off all contact with the outside world. The mother (Kiney- played by Sarah Stewart) is absorbing the situation in the most polite way possible in light of everything that's happened. The son (Kritty- played by Ladd Wendelin) is prone to flights of fancy- also- is slowly turning into a bird. The daughter- (Whisper- played by Kate Anderson) since wearing the transmitter which zaps her brain with educational rays- is beginning to get her own ideas. She explores in pursuit of adventure & discovery- but can't get a straight answer from anyone.

Although the story of 'the living room' is being told serially- with running gags and repeated themes- the characters and situations are familiar enough that any new arrivals to the show should not have difficulty picking up the story.

The evening show has featured performances by Solace Taylor (poet), MRS.Prinkles (performance/music), Joe Younglove (spoken word/performance) and Das Hoboerotica (music)- May 30 will feature Manny Coon (music).
Stay in touch with the Templetons! Our Facebook Group will feature photos, episode recap videos and the latest "Living Room" news, direct to you from the center of the house and the heart of the home!
The Living Room :: Tugboat Performances
14th & O
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
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